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Freedom is a beauty within us
We feel unrestrained and able to soar. Freedom from control and bondage and from emotional, physical or verbal restrictions. Freedom is being able to excel and not to be constricted by another person's evaluation of you or their negative words or label of you. Freedom is loving your spiritual nature, allowing yourself to grow and allowing the Comforter in so that He lives inside of you. Freedom is liberation from the flesh and connecting with the Spirit. Freedom is being beautiful on the outside but more importantly on the inside, in your temple. Who's temple are ye? Will you allow your Father to use you for His purpose?
Tap into your freedom. 
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Beautiful on the Outside and on the Inside. 
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Positive Outlook for Girls

1. Believe in Yourself
2. Believe In Your Dreams Connected To God
3. Never Give Up
4. Stay Strong and Think Positive No Matter What
5. Cast Down Any Negative Thoughts or Words
6. Remember Bad Things Happen But Pick Yourself Up-Times Will Get Better
7. You Do Not Have To Follow Fads
8. Be A Leader
9. Listen To Your Parents-They Want The Best For You
10. Have Reasonable Goals And Make Them Happen But Keep God First
11. It's Not All About The Outside Appearance-Inside Beauty Is A Gem
12. Walk In Love
13. No Bullying Others-Do Not Accept Bullying Either
13. Keep Friends Who Are Positive And Not All About Following What Others Do
14. Be Unique
15. Help Others Out
16. Do Your Work-It's Building Up Discipline
17. Pray
18. Be Happy About Going To Church-It's A Cool Place and You Have To Build Character There
19. Praise God Daily
20. Be Open To Change In Music Genre-Listen To Music That Is Positive
21. Take Care Of Your Body-No Nasty Substances
22. Give Others Compliments In A Good Way
23. Be Kind
24. Be Caring
25. Show Genuine Love
26. Respect Authority Especially Parents
27. Be Good Daily-Do What Is Right In All Situations
​28. Be Wise About Social Media/Use It For Encouraging Others-Do Not Waste Too Much Time On It-There Are Way More Things To Be Done And To Build Your Life Upon
​29. It's ultimately up to you what you decide to do with your future, don't blame others.
30. Reaching your goals takes years, keep working on them.
31. Have a plan for your future but keep in mind that you must pray and keep God in your decisions.
32. Keep in mind that every day is not going to be easy and that some days you won't be able to see your dreams coming to fruition quite the way that you believe but remember it's going to come to pass.

Spiritual Freedom is being beautiful on the outside and on the inside.
Beautiful On The Outside and On The Inside 
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​Fresh Water: Life After Domestic Violence And The Anointed Life In You

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Experience freedom from bondage.

These beautiful and powerful uplifting poems will inspire you to believe in yourself and not to let anyone take you for granted.


Bird on the cover symbolizes freedom to soar...


20 ways to walk in beauty...

1. Put your Creator first.

2. Pray for yourself and others.

3. Worship your Creator daily.

4. Love others in action and words.

5. Ask God what is your unique purpose.

6. Work on your gifts.

7. Take care of yourself for health sake.

8. Be kind every day even when there are trials.

9. Have a consistent goal to work on daily.

10. Remember to keep working and never give up.

11. Speak positive no matter how hard your day is.

12. Cast away negative thoughts constantly.

13. Respect others and when you mess up apologize.

14. Know your worth but don't walk in pride.

15. Dedicate your time to helping others often.

16. Believe in yourself but more in the God who wakes you up.

17. Be sensitive to what others go through.

18. When life is tough get tougher. 

19. Be kind to your enemies even if you can't forget what they have done to you. 

20. Pray to forgive others and just keep praying daily.

Everyone deserves to have civil rights.

​I HAVE A DREAM-Martin Luther King Jr.

Beautiful On The Outside and on the Inside

1. No emotional bondage.
2. No negative outlook.
3. No conforming to the status quo.

A Complete Change In You

Spiritual Wholeness/Change



What does our civil rights leaders say about living out your dreams?
Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks

Nelson Mandela

Daisy Bates

Ella Baker

Coretta Scott King

Mahalia Jackson

Dorothy Cotton

Medgar Evers