Devotionals by Annette Jaco

Lord, I need You...
Lord how can I tell you how much I need you?  You have delivered me in such terrible times.  You draw me Lord, to you.  Your grace and kindness has captured me, carried me and set me down in a safer place for me.  Lord YOU kiss me when a tear comes rolling down my face.  You are not only the apple of my eye; but, you are my everything-YOU-complete me.  You make me whole Lord as I run to you.  Your arms are wide open.  You are my Rose of Sharon, my Lily in the valley.  Lord you are the freedom inside of me, the beauty that keeps me.  Lord how can I effectively and completely say, I need you?  I need you now, and tomorrow.  I need you in every moment on every journey I take.  You turn me gently as I rest, you wake me.  I need you mornings and night. 
Annette Jaco

Annette Jaco-

Chosen Vessels
Are you a chosen vessel for the Lord?  The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19 "Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?"  We are the children of God.  We are the daughters of Our King Jesus.  All mothers of young daughters need to introduce their daughters to the Most High God.  Women we are inspired to be a vessel for the King.  We must have a voice in the Kingdom.  The Word of God says in the book of Joel, that our daughters and sons shall prophecy.  The prophet Joel spoke of the moving of God would come upon the land in the time of Joel and would come upon all flesh even today.  The prophet spoke a word from God.  We are chosen of God for this day and time.  Women don't short change yourselves.  I inspire you to reach with all your heart and might.  Ask the Lord to teach you.  Psalm 27:11 says, "Teach me thy way, O Lord and lead me in the plain path,".  Let no one tell you that you can't be chosen.  We are chosen women of faith.  We are chosen vessels of the Lord.---by Annette Journet Jaco

Ladies are truly concerned with what other people have to say about them.  The bottom line is that people will always have something to say when you are different from them.  When other women or men are so opinionated verbally just to crack jokes at the expense of others, pray for them.  Pray that the Lord keeps His hand on their lives, for His Word says touch not mine anointed.  Pray that the Lord grants them peace within themselves when deep down inside those who gossip and are so judgmental are feeling a sense of guilt deep down in their own gut about themselves.  Pray that the Lord allows grace to be their gift continually, because the Word says grace is truly for the righteous.  Pray that the Lord covers them when the darts that they throw at you makes a complete turn on it's journey right back in it's own pathway, from whence it originated.  Pray that the Lord keeps them under His shadow of light, for when they continue to allow the enemy to operate in them, He will unleash the enemy and protect the righteous.  Pray that the Lord touches their lives so that they learn to stand with their brothers and their sisters in Christ, pray that they will began to stand for Him. -Pray for your Annette Journet Jaco

Encouraging Yourself
Encouragement:  What do you say about yourself?
In November 2012-Women In Ministry Seminar, women of faith came together to praise God.  At the "Stand up for Yourself" women's conference in Port Arthur, Texas; women authors, evangelists and preachers spoke on topics concerning standing up for ourselves.  Some of the topics included; inner beauty, self-esteem,strength, stability, loving one another, etc.  Ladies, what do you say about yourself?  Are you what the Word of God says-or do you worry about what people say about you and label you as?  The bottom line is; people will always have something to say-no matter what!  Do what is right in the ways of the Lord.  Stand up for yourself, and say positive things about you!  -Annette Jaco

Heartfelt-A Poem for a close friend and relative...
Oh Tayja, since the day you first
told me.  The doctors said that you had
congestive heart failure; difficult words,
to listen to.  I responded with an inquiry.  Tayja how
could a person with such a good heart
have such a bad diagnosis?  You thanked me for,
such a keen evaluation.  Ever since we first met,
not only as cousins but as friends;
what I found in you is a friend who was real; the real thing.
Way back years ago; you came to Louisiana for a visit.
I recall you calling someone in the family to give,
you a ride from the bus station.
At the time your daughter was only a baby.  Tayja
we had such a good time; I introduced
you to my girl buddies.  We had a cool
time; laughing, talking, connecting.  The rules
were that we would remain close.  Simply said,
we did; and when I came to your home city; hospitality
you extended to me.  I met the new baby boy.
Then I was on my way again.  True to our words,
we continued to speak, over the telephone.  We
laughed and caught up with life situations and information; we
talked about how family and friends were doing.  Most often
as we were talking you had a telephone
beep.  It was Ma-Ma.  You'd say, I have to go it's my best friend
Ma-Ma; my aunt; your grand-mother, on the other line.
So we'd say goodbye.  I truly hated that you had the sickness.
Oh how we rebuked satan many times.  Our Lord
and Savior was with you many years. 
The pain, the hospital, the tears.
I started to recall how God promised that we would one day
find Him.  He is the peace in us, the rivers that give the waters of life.
The Holy Spirit resides in the believer,
and that you are, a believer.  A woman
of God, with a courage and faith so strong.
I remember your poetry, and that lovely song
you sang over the telephone.  Dear Lord,
Dear Jesus, keep her safe, forever. 
You took your last sigh here; but Heaven,
you finally get to see.  That devil
has no more power to cause you more pain!
We long for you to be here with us.
God had a mighty plan, so we must trust;
Him.  He has you and He will have us.
My dear friend, tears I cry, my
heart is heavy, I wish you had not died.
The telephone calls, the laughs, the prayers,
we shared, I will treasure.  I love you.
I love you, because of your good heart.
Your presence is stronger, even if you parted.
You extended your love to others, daughter
of the King.  I love you, your children
love you, your friends, your family.
Everybody loves you.  You left a family
filled with memories.  The parties you planned,
the birthdays you celebrated and hosted.
Tayja I don't mean to boast,
But I am so happy that I got a chance to say, I love you.
You told me; I love you Annette.
You were the best cousin, the best
friend, the best confidant, the best
prayer partner, the best heartfelt
person I could have ever known.  Some might believe,
you can see us, although we can't see
you.  I know that through the eyes of Jesus,
who sits at the right hand of the Father; to His
children, He promises life forever.  Forever and ever we will live
in His Kingdom.  So as the old cliche goes, until we see each other
again, love perseveres.  Much love.
By Annette.
To Tayja Denise Jones
February 4, 1972 -November 28, 2011

As a writer I find the God strength to press on. I have full confidence in the giver who has placed the powerful gift inside of me to help those who need. I realize that I need Jesus as my Savior and the Holy Spirit inside of me; the vessel. God will do what He wills to do inside of a willing vessel. How awesome it is when I am not waiting on anyone to show up, except for God's awesome unmerited favor, His power, His Holy Spirit, His intervention, and His anointing, so that I will show up in the right places to the right people who are willing to receive me. His favor will bring others to the work that I do, and I will wait on God as He makes others to wait on me, because you I have something extraordinary to offer, to teach, to minister, to pour out, to replenish and to give to others. What an awesome God we all have. 
Annette Journet Jaco

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             ​Remember to pray for people in foreign countries who have experienced hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.
Continue to pray for children in America and other countries; that we can all come together in the joy of the Lord....
Let's continue to pray for Pro-Life Organizations. Precious innocent lives are at stake. May the love of the Lord surround the cause.
Keep the homeless forever in your prayers that they may find the joy of the Lord and have joy in the morning.
Let's all pray for all persecuted Christians and that their call to preach will go successfully as they reach one soul at a time for the Gospel.
May you graciously pray for victims of domestic violence, especially the children that the light of the Lord might shine on them so that they may find happiness.​
Give to to help children born with clef lip. 
Pray that they will soon be able to live a normal life.
Pray for a cure for all types of Cancer to be successful soon....

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Sing In The Midst Of Trials-Good News Letter-Quarterly
August 2011
The Word of God says in Psalms 138:1 "I will praise thee with my whole heart; before the gods will I sing praise unto thee." When you can praise the Lord in all circumstances in your life that is a blessing. No matter if you are going through tough times, experiencing terrible attacks from the enemy or fighting enemies that you see every day, the Word of God says to praise the Lord with your whole heart. We ought to praise God even while we are going through strife and even after we cry. Listen, we all cry and lose hope from time to time. But when we praise God daily, all those tears will turn to joy. Praise God!

Praise the Lord before the gods. What gods? Anything you put before the Lord can become a god in your life. Confess the Lord Jesus! Confess your love for the Lord. Sing praises to Him only. He is our one and only God, the Alpha and Omega, our Jehovah Jireh. Yes, Praise the Lord. It is good to give Him praise, says the psalmist. (Book of Psalms). Let's all give Him praise!---Annette Journet Jaco


Annette Journet Jaco/Writer-Her Story
Annette is a city girl in her heart but spent her childhood days in the country, born in Louisiana, raised in her mother and father's wood framed home which was built by her father, who was a carpenter. She is from a small town nestled near wooded areas and sugarcane fields. Her upcoming book, "Out of the Wilderness" is a fiction work. Annette has written 32 inspirational nonfiction books.
Celebrate how you have made it through 
Speaking against any form of domestic violence

The Patience I Know:
Waiting In The Midst Of Turmoil, 
Long Awaited, Very Anticipated Book of Annette Journet Jaco-
Christian Speaker against domestic abuse.
Read how Annette was called from emotional bondage.


Topics on domestic violence.  New blog coming soon.​
Annette Journet Jaco is the author of over 30 inspirational and motivational books. She has published inspirational poetry collections, encouraging books for women, subjects on personal growth and self help books, a memoir and her long awaited very anticipated testimonial book of her own life. Annette has been in marriage relations for over eleven years but has also raised children as a single mom so as a result she writes for single mothers using her own experiences and struggles to inspire women about staying strong through trials. She is a devoted mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter and has cared for her baby boy Jordan until he passed at one year and three months old; she is a self published freelance Christian writer who has attended Christian Counseling Bible College, has earned diplomas of Theology and Advanced Theology at International Seminary, has diplomas of Clerical Secretarial Studies, has attended NRI writing schools and St. Joseph Institute in nurse assistant classes graduate. Currently Annette teaches Bible studies on her online blog entitled ", She has hosted women's conferences and has been a member in various church choirs. As a conference host of Christian events in the U.S. Annette has evangelized in the southern states of Louisiana and Texas.  As an award winning poet who has received the editor's choice award for outstanding poetry for two of her poems "Wicked Shadows" and "The Love Behind Sick Feelings" by the ILOP, Annette promotes her books on many on-line sites, community projects, book signings and conferences. She is Louisiana's most inspirational Christian poet among her many circles in her home state.  Annette's speaking and writing ministries are geared to touch her readers and to give testimonies of her life experiences pertaining to how the Lord has made a huge difference in her life in a positive way, and how His light has shined in her situations. Annette's life experiences has led her to hope that people discover their God given purpose and to walk in it, to keep a song in their heart, and to inspire others. She shines the light on domestic violence by telling her own story, but most importantly she hopes to shine the light of Jesus because He is our peace.  She uses some of her writings as an advocate against domestic violence. 

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Inspirational Quotes By Annette
Mutual respect goes a long way and not surprisingly it begins in the home, through temperamental, immense and habitual practice.
-Annette Jaco Quote
We are to dig deep within ourselves to find that drive that is so vibrant inside of every one of us.-Annette Jaco Quote.
From: "The Praying Woman: Devoted To Light That Penetrates Darkness".
It is in our clouds that He guides us.-from "Songs & Whispers" Inspirational Poetry Collection
Available at Amazon
To grasp the beauty of all of creation, get to know the one who created it all, love Him, believe in Him.
Reaching a purpose, a destination is a true yearning. Walking with the Lord is a lifelong journey.
I pour out my secret skeletons in a story, to Him I give all the glory.
Don't allow others to keep reminding you about your past mistakes, instead counterattack their unkind approach with present and beautiful accomplishments.
Keep your assignments afloat, and strive to make a one hundred every day, based on persistence and commitment to the sure thing that you love.
To read more quotes by Annette Journet Jaco they can be found in "Beautiful Woman: What A Diadem You Are: Quotes and Poems for Encouragement.

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Life will be a whole lot better if we all would acknowledge how much we really need our Father in heaven and His Son Jesus who died for us, and His Holy Spirit who was left to be our Comforter. Say it right now,
I Need You Now Father!

I Need You Now Jesus!

I Need You Now Holy Spirit!


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Is the weight of the world on you and you alone? Do you feel alone? Is anyone on your team, giving you moral support? You are not alone!  Give it all to a God who cares. HE SENT HIS BEST FOR US.