Jordan's Letter
Annette's Story 
My Jordan
II was fighting against all odds and as I fought there was a life at stake. I fought to keep close to me, my inner child. It was somewhat accomplished in an intellectual manner considering the aspects of life which scares us emotionally at times. Struggle by struggle, bit by bit, piece by piece. But through spirituality and sustaining what life's hills brings to us in a moment of time, sometimes life's situation become unbearable. One battle following another.  

As a young mother, Jordan's death left me with some feelings of loneliness and questions. I was questioning the meaning of life religiously and why the good felt most inflicted. My children were my life, as is any mother's; those who dearly loves their offspring. I will admit, that there were alleys I should have never entered, never gone by, nor traveled. Nevertheless, if life brought us many unfair judgements and painful injustices; this was my own.  

Should we, by governmental laws and a fallen social and economical world be provided some type of justice? Rather than social rulers and leaders where most of our world power lies; should we not look to a God who will weigh our motives and make matters better, through His grace, mainly depending on our individual characters? To know that we are comforted through this love of God, who is good and fair; His Word speaks in all of our situations and does offer us mercy and wonderful grace.  

 I would quietly reminisce over little but important facts that we all seem to ignore over and over again; which applies to true happiness that is so often taken for granted. We seem to languish over the simple things of life, just allowing time to slip away, seemingly aggrieving in ignorance over the moments we ought to cherish, but we are somehow dissastisfied. How warm blood flows through our veins and how we seem to possess some infailable power over life or over one another as if we were alone in the world, with no other being watching over us; or the universe.  

The truth is that we cease to feel Him near, until an approaching cold chill takes notice of us and grabs us, we realize God was always in control. We can't fight it when the deep sleep takes our subconcious and we become it; death.  

Baby Jordan had come into the world not crying or breathing. He had been humanly resurrected; being brought back to life. Could he still be normal? The breathe of a man, into the nostril of another; is it a risk? Is it right? Could there be human failure down the line because of it? What would be the outcome of the test? In a world filled with men's choices and the ability to save, all having the underlying circumstances associated with it.  

Saving a life, is what we want to do, because we love. I wondered if the Creator wanted this. Was this child now doomed to an end? It might have been God's will that he not survive; that he be born this way. The body had failed to work because of one mistake; not by the fault of the victims, but because he was born dead. He was chocked by the 
knoted umbilical cord that found a way to wrap around his neck in a three fold cord. I hoped, and prayed that where they helped him; breathing into my boy to revive him, would put everything into the proper place and that everything would pick up where nature left off. I prayed for him to breathe and become normal with time.  

Bottom line, Jordan was a breach baby, who suffered loss of oxygen to his vital organs and was born with brain injury, in addition the cord somehow wrapped around him.  
He was the boy twin of his sister Jasmine, who was born so healthy and like her brother so beautiful. After weeks of exhausting travels to the hospital with four children; my prayers were answered. Finally he was released from the hospital about a month after his birth, despite the doctors predictions and diagnosis that he would not live but a couple of days; maybe a few weeks in the hospital. He could pass away at any time they prepared and warned me, even upon his release.  

Because of Jordan's brain injury, he was not able to swallow and had to be fed through a stomache tube. In fact, they suggested he be left in the hospital to die, and even 
suggested he be transported to a facility to be cared for. I was angry with the doctors' insinuation and I insisted on taking my baby home so that I could care for him myself. I believed he would receive a miracle from the Lord.  

In a few months or so after being at home surrounded by the love of his brothers and twin sister and a mother who loved him dearly, baby Jordan began to smile and he began to move his fingers to catch my set of car keys. I was hopeful as he showed strength and faith in his own small being. I prayed, and prayed. Grace continued to persevere. It was grace indeed; with a strong presence that was inside this tiny baby who knew nothing but his own innocense. The light shined in his room; 
better than crystal beams shining, or a sunlight coming through a high space rooftop. My baby was special in more than one sense of the word. I believe he was going to recover with Jesus' saving power. I felt Him near. I knew that we needed to worship the Lord.  

Jordan's breech birth, and true knot in the cord signified to me a state of extreme dysfunction in his capability to learn. He had a g-tube and I was not certain if he would ever eat like the rest of us. Jordan lagged behind his twin sister in every way possible, including weight gain and growth. I continued to pray and refused to give up. By the time he was nine months, he was rolling all over the floor, and kicking up a storm, but his sister was standing and walking. Nevertheless, Jordy (his nickname) was vibrant each day and even the heavy breathing he had displayed for a few months after he came home from the long hospital stay had subsided. He had a lot of leaking mucuos out of his nose and mouth, which also subsided gradually. At times I'd gently insert my finger in his mouth for a moment or two as an experiment, like a pacifier, and he would suck on it for a few seconds.

He showed signs of wanting to learn, and I begged doctors for therapy but it wasn't time a few of them told me. He was weak, and struggling to do everyday things like kick, roll and reach for a toy. It was strenous for him to do. I respected that and at times I cried as I saw signs of a baby who tried so hard to do normal things. Tears would began to roll down my face and me and
 my three boys appraised his efforts by clapping our hands; so did his baby sister, not even knowing anything was wrong with him. As I fed him through his stomache tube; I had faith in God that he'd one day receive therapy and learn to eat by mouth. Most nurses thought this sounded ridiculous, but I'd heard a personal story of a woman whose child was born the same way and miraculously recovered and began to eat.  

Finally a woman doctor we saw at an appointment visit we had for Jordy's normal check-up, made an appointment for therapy to begin. On several attemps, the doctor's office set times to see Jordy. The first was to examine him, and the second would start the oral or occupational therapy. We were excited to see what would happen. 

On one very early morning hour, I was awakened out of my sleep. In a few short minutes, sadly time was cut short for Jordan. It was the weekend of my mother's birthday. She lived out of state and had invited my children and I, to her very first birthday party. I'd declined on travelling with Jordy, excited over our upcoming therapy session. Her birthday was April 13th on this particular weekend and year was Good Friday, a friday known as the thirtheenth, the weekend of Easter Sunday. 

It seemed, the baby took sudden ill, and did not look right at around 4:00 am or so, as something had awakened me. Approaching that morning of his death, and just in a few short, quick passing moments, my son Tyler and I rushed the baby to the emergency room at the nearest hospital where he was pronounced dead, after CPR was performed. The hospital experts calculated that he had died in the car on the way there. We were in shock, as we had been checking his breathing all the way to the hospital which was 5-7 minutes from our home. Because of the shock, and disappointment and the fact that he died this way, I had to be carried out by a guard after crying delirously. The scene reminded me of his birth when the doctors surrounded him to administer CPR to get him breathing, only this time they couldn't.  

After I realized my other kids were home and needed to be told, I knew my pain would subside. I seemed to have a peace in my soul as if God was saying, 'Let go my child, I have him in my loving arms, now'. I had to acknowledge that he was gone and believe that a better and larger picture and revelation would be revealed to me by the Lord as to why this had happened; 
to my quiet, playful, beautiful baby boy. I knew God had spoken to me. I knew Jordy was in the best care indeed. He went to be with his Father God.  

Annette Journet Jaco, author


  Annette's Poem for Jordan:

My Jordan-A POEM

It suddenly came to me in clusters
on this morning, a faith I trusted.It was a morning which would embark a cloud,
over my world, I can't say how.
Over Jordan, streaming waters flowing now,
streaming under heaven's brow.
It suddenly came in my veins
crippling, anguished, saddening pain.
On this morning a faith I trusted.
One child gone, this morning flustered.
It was a morning which embarked a cloud.
Shattering my world, I can't say how.
It suddenly came in my veins...
I began to praise God...Jesus reigns... 

  Annette Journet Jaco

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As mothers we always want the best for our children and when they are grown we want them to continue to be humanitarians. To always answer to the call of God on their own lives and to be selfless. 

When we want to succeed we must first want to see and to assist others in succeeding even in small ways.
When we are there for others we have a blessing coming down from above....
It's all about being PRAYERFUL AND GIVING....

Devotionals by Annette Jaco
Lord, I need You...
Lord how can I tell you how much I need you? You have delivered me in such terrible times. You draw me Lord, to you. Your grace and kindness has captured me, carried me and set me down in a safer place for me. Lord YOU kiss me when a tear comes rolling down my face. You are not only the apple of my eye; but, you are my everything-YOU-complete me. You make me whole Lord as I run to you. Your arms are wide open. You are my Rose of Sharon, my Lily in the valley. Lord you are the freedom inside of me, the beauty that keeps me. Lord how can I effectively and completely say, I need you? I need you now, and tomorrow. I need you in every moment on every journey I take. You turn me gently as I rest, you wake me. I need you mornings and night. 
Annette Jaco

Chosen Vessels
Are you a chosen vessel for the Lord? The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19 "Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" We are the children of God. We are the daughters of Our King Jesus. All mothers of young daughters need to introduce their daughters to the Most High God. Women we are inspired to be a vessel for the King. We must have a voice in the Kingdom. The Word of God says in the book of Joel, that our daughters and sons shall prophecy. The prophet Joel spoke of the moving of God would come upon the land in the time of Joel and would come upon all flesh even today. The prophet spoke a word from God. We are chosen of God for this day and time. Women don't short change yourselves. I inspire you to reach with all your heart and might. Ask the Lord to teach you. Psalm 27:11 says, "Teach me thy way, O Lord and lead me in the plain path,". Let no one tell you that you can't be chosen. We are chosen women of faith. We are chosen vessels of the Lord.---by Annette Journet Jaco
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SHINE-one million voices.
Shine the light on domestic violence. Stand up for women and against domestic violence which comes in many different forms such as control, verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, the blame game, name calling, pulling the hair, constant disrespect, comparing to other women, hitting behind closed doors, shouting in front of the kids, and more forms of control of one person to another.

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Oh Tayja, since the day you first, told me. The doctors said that you had congestive heart failure; difficult words, to listen to. I responded with an inquiry. Tayja how
could a person with such a good heart, have such a bad diagnosis? You thanked me for, such a keen evaluation. Ever since we first met, not only as cousins but as friends;
what I found in you is a friend who was real; the real thing. Way back years ago; you came to Louisiana for a visit. I recall you calling someone in the family to give,
you a ride from the bus station. At the time your daughter was only a baby. Tayja we had such a good time; I introduced you to my girl buddies. We had a cool
time; laughing, talking, connecting. The rules were that we would remain close. Simply said, we did; and when I came to your home city; hospitality you extended to me. I met the new baby boy.
Then I was on my way again. True to our words, we continued to speak, over the telephone. We laughed and caught up with life situations and information; we
talked about how family and friends were doing. Most often as we were talking you had a telephone beep. It was Ma-Ma. You'd say, I have to go it's my best friend
Ma-Ma; my aunt; your grand-mother, on the other line. So we'd say goodbye. I truly hated that you had the sickness. Oh how we rebuked satan many times. Our Lord
and Savior was with you many years. The pain, the hospital, the tears. I started to recall how God promised that we would one day find Him. He is the peace in us, the rivers that give the waters of life.
The Holy Spirit resides in the believer, and that you are, a believer. A woman of God, with a courage and faith so strong. I remember your poetry, and that lovely song
you sang over the telephone. Dear Lord, Dear Jesus, keep her safe, forever. You took your last sigh here; but Heaven, you finally get to see. That devil
has no more power to cause you more pain! We long for you to be here with us. God had a mighty plan, so we must trust; Him. He has you and He will have us.
My dear friend, tears I cry, my heart is heavy, I wish you had not died. The telephone calls, the laughs, the prayers, we shared, I will treasure. I love you.
I love you, because of your good heart. Your presence is stronger, even if you parted. You extended your love to others, daughter of the King. I love you, your children
love you, your friends, your family. Everybody loves you. You left a family filled with memories. The parties you planned, the birthdays you celebrated and hosted.
Tayja I don't mean to boast, But I am so happy that I got a chance to say, I love you. You told me; I love you Annette. You were the best cousin, the best
friend, the best confidant, the best prayer partner, the best heartfelt person I could have ever known. Some might believe, you can see us, although we can't see
you. I know that through the eyes of Jesus, who sits at the right hand of the Father; to His children, He promises life forever. Forever and ever we will live
in His Kingdom. So as the old cliche goes, until we see each other again, love perseveres. Much love. By Annette.
To Tayja Denise Jones
February 4, 1972 -November 28, 2011

  ​Remember to pray for people in foreign countries who have experienced hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.
Continue to pray for children in America and other countries; that we can all come together in the joy of the Lord....
Let's continue to pray for Pro-Life Organizations. Precious innocent lives are at stake. May the love of the Lord surround the cause.
Keep the homeless forever in your prayers that they may find the joy of the Lord and have joy in the morning.
Let's all pray for all persecuted Christians and that their call to preach will go successfully as they reach one soul at a time for the Gospel.
May you graciously pray for victims of domestic violence, especially the children that the light of the Lord might shine on them so that they may find happiness.​
Give to to help children born with clef lip. 
Pray that they will soon be able to live a normal life.
Pray for a cure for all types of Cancer to be successful soon....

Positive Outlook for Girls
1. Believe in Yourself---2. Believe In Your Dreams Connected To God---3. Never Give Up---4. Stay Strong and Think Positive No Matter What
5. Cast Down Any Negative Thoughts or Words---6. Remember Bad Things Happen But Pick Yourself Up-Times Will Get Better
7. You Do Not Have To Follow Fads---8. Be A Leader---9. Listen To Your Parents-They Want The Best For You---10. Have Reasonable Goals And Make Them Happen But Keep God First
11. It's Not All About The Outside Appearance-Inside Beauty Is A Gem---12. Walk In Love---13. No Bullying Others-Do Not Accept Bullying Either
13. Keep Friends Who Are Positive And Not All About Following What Others Do---14. Be Unique---15. Help Others Out---16. Do Your Work-It's Building Up Discipline
17. Pray---18. Be Happy About Going To Church-It's A Cool Place and You Have To Build Character There---19. Praise God Daily---20. Be Open To Change In Music Genre-Listen To Music That Is Positive
21. Take Care Of Your Body-No Nasty Substances---22. Give Others Compliments In A Good Way---23. Be Kind---24. Be Caring---25. Show Genuine Love
26. Respect Authority Especially Parents---27. Be Good Daily-Do What Is Right In All Situations---​28. Be Wise About Social Media/Use It For Encouraging Others-Do Not Waste Too Much Time On It-There Are Way More Things To Be Done And To Build Your Life Upon---​29. It's ultimately up to you what you decide to do with your future, don't blame others.---30. Reaching your goals takes years, keep working on them.
31. Have a plan for your future but keep in mind that you must pray and keep God in your decisions.---32. Keep in mind that every day is not going to be easy and that some days you won't be able to see your dreams coming to fruition quite the way that you believe but remember it's going to come to pass.

20 ways to walk in beauty:
1. Put your Creator first., 2. Pray for yourself and others., 3. Worship your Creator daily., 4. Love others in action and words.
5. Ask God what is your unique purpose., 6. Work on your gifts., 7. Take care of yourself for health sake., 8. Be kind every day even when there are trials.
9. Have a consistent goal to work on daily., 10. Remember to keep working and never give up., 11. Speak positive no matter how hard your day is.
12. Cast away negative thoughts constantly., 13. Respect others and when you mess up apologize., 14. Know your worth but don't walk in pride.
15. Dedicate your time to helping others often., 16. Believe in yourself but more in the God who wakes you up., 17. Be sensitive to what others go through.
18. When life is tough get tougher., 19. Be kind to your enemies even if you can't forget what they have done to you., 20. Pray to forgive others and just keep praying daily.

Everyone deserves to have civil rights.
​I HAVE A DREAM-Martin Luther King Jr.
What does our civil rights leaders say about living out your dreams?​
Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Daisy Bates, Ella Baker
Coretta Scott King, Mahalia Jackson, Dorothy Cotton, Medgar Evers

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Good News! Issues were originally printed in the months of February, May, August and November. At the current time Good News Letter is published one time per year in the month of November online only.
Go and tell others how the Lord Jesus made a difference in your life. He was a ransom for us. He died so that we would be saved and receive eternal life. That is the Good News.!

Sing In The Midst of Trials Good News Letter is now a yearly newsletter. Beginning in 2014 it has changed from a quarterly letter to a yearly newsletter online.
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April 2012-Chosen Vessel Christian Writer's Conference-Beaumont Texas Best Western Hotel
March 2012-Women's Unity Conference Prayer Meeting-Port Arthur Texas-Legacy Apartments
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January 2012-Stand You Are Beautiful Women's Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
September 2011-Home Bible Study-Port Arthur Texas
September 2011-Our Cities For God Meeting-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
July 2011-Ladies of Lydia It's In Your Heart Women and Men's Conference-Beaumont Texas Plaza
April 2011-Guest Product Table-Joan Murray Ministries Church-Houston Texas
​April 2011-Girl's Morning Seminar Building Character-Port A. Texas Hampton
April 2011-Ladies Shake That Thing Off Women's Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
February 2011-Girl's Educational Seminar-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
December 2010-Products Table at Tina Shelton event-Beaumont Texas
December 2010-Stand & Receive Your Crown Queens & Princesses-Port A. Texas Hampton
December 2010-Annette Jaco Ministries Children's Story-time Reading-Port A. Texas Library
November 2010-Speaker at Women Shelter's (handed out free material)-Beaumont Texas 
November 2010-Women In Ministry Seminar, Stand Up For Yourself-Port A. Texas Hampton
November 2010-Children's Talent Show-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
October 2010-Book Club Meeting w/author-McAlister's-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
October 2010-Teen and Young Girl's Style Show-Port A. Texas Hampton
September 2010-Home Prayer for Health-Port Arthur Texas
August 2010-Morning Psalms Prayer Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
August 2010-Ladies of Lydia Women's Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
May 2010-One Vision, One Mission, One Purpose Conference and Women's Fashion Show-Port A. Tx. Hampton
May 2010-Home Bible Study-Port Arthur Texas
April 2010-Let Our Hearts Be Glad Women's Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton 
March 2010-I Have Power Over Unclean Spirits Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
November 2009-Stand In Your Higher Calling Conference-Port Arthur Texas Holiday Inn
August 2009-Fashion Your Heavenly Esteem-Conference and Fashion Show-Lafayette La. Hilton
February 2009-Book-signing/Songs & Whispers-Barnes & Noble Lafayette, La. 
November 2008-Ladies of Lydia Girl's Fashion Show-Laf. La. Holidome
October 2008-Exhortations at Church Without Walls-Lafayette La.
May 2008-Praising the Lord in Fine Linen-Lafayette, La. Holidome
March 2008-Refusing To Settle for the Ungodly Matters Conference (handed out free books)-Laf. La-Clifton Chenier Center
November 2007-A Place of Fellowship for Sisters in Christ Christian Book Club Conference-Lafayette La. Holidome
2006-Member of Good Hope Choir -Laf. La.
2004-2005 Sang with Truth Faith Choir-Cecilia La.
October-December 2005-Guest Worship Leader at New Beginnings In Christ Church-Laf. La.
October 2005-Annette ministered in song w/True Faith Choir Gospel Fest-Cecilia La.
June 2005-Annette Worshiped in Song w/True Faith Church at Cunningham C.M.E. Rayne La.
December 2004-A New Song Ministries Christmas Program-New Beginnings Lafayette, La.
October 2004-Scripture Reading at True Faith Church-Cecilia, La.


November 2016
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"Beautiful Mother's Day Poetry: Celebrating Moms-Lake Charles La. Central Library
Beautiful Poetry For Women: Jewel In The Hand Of God-Central Library Lake Charles La.
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September 2009
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Inspirational Quotes By Annette

Mutual respect goes a long way and not surprisingly it begins in the home, through temperamental, immense and habitual practice.--Annette Jaco Quote
We are to dig deep within ourselves to find that drive that is so vibrant inside of every one of us.-Annette Jaco Quote.
From: "The Praying Woman: Devoted To Light That Penetrates Darkness".
It is in our clouds that He guides us.----from "Songs & Whispers" Inspirational Poetry Collection--Available at Amazon
To grasp the beauty of all of creation, get to know the one who created it all, love Him, believe in Him.-Annette Jaco
Reaching a purpose, a destination is a true yearning. Walking with the Lord is a lifelong journey.-Annette Jaco
I pour out my secret skeletons in a story, to Him I give all the glory.-Annette Jaco
Don't allow others to keep reminding you about your past mistakes, instead counterattack their unkind approach with present and beautiful accomplishments.-Annette Jaco
Keep your assignments afloat, and strive to make a one hundred every day, based on persistence and commitment to the sure thing that you love.-Annette Jaco

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A Story of Loss, Hope and Healing.

Be rooted in something, believe in a dream and continue to try. You will make it.

Annette Journet Quote....
The Patience I Know:
Waiting In The Midst Of Turmoil, 
Long Awaited, Very Anticipated Book of Annette Journet Jaco-
Christian Speaker against domestic abuse.
Read how Annette was called from emotional bondage.
Topics on domestic violence. New blog coming soon.​



These beautiful and powerful uplifting poems will inspire you to believe in yourself and not to let anyone take you for granted.

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE YOU CAN BE FREE: Bird on the cover symbolizes freedom to soar...
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