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Home Comfort, White Tonight, Black Is Awesome, 
Teen's Fashion Show, Hand Made Jewelry by Annette
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​Divine Beauty Yearly Fashion Show Upcoming Events
Fashion Shows Dates:
October 2012-Divine Beauty Conference/Girl's Fashion Show-Greater Nation Church Port Arthur Texas
December 2010-Stand & Receive Your Crown Queens & Princesses-Port A. Texas Hampton
November 2010-Children's Talent Show-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
October 2010-Teen and Young Girl's Style Show-Port A. Texas Hampton
May 2010-One Vision, One Mission, One Purpose Conference and Women's Fashion Show-Port A. Tx. Hampton
August 2009-Fashion Your Heavenly Esteem-Conference and Fashion Show-Lafayette La. Hilton
November 2008-Ladies of Lydia Girl's Fashion Show-Laf. La. Holidome
May 2008-Praising the Lord in Fine Linen-Lafayette Holidome

Wear T-shirts for women and men 
Men's T-shirt with praying hands and a woman's confidence Stand You Are Beautiful T-shirt.
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Stand You Are Beautiful Women's T-shirt.
"Beautiful Woman: 
What A Diadem You Are"
Quotes and Poems for Encouragement

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Annette Jaco Publishing and Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript and Editing Services
Annette started a small home business as a single mother of young children in 1999 entitled "Typing By Annette" the Houston area for several years. Her learning skills of typing, editing, computer training and graduation from vocational college in the field of secretarial studies prepared her for the task. She has edited the manuscripts of authors and writers, has written resumes for college students and graduates, and has been a typing assistant for small businesses and has written business plans. As a young mother Annette ran her home business for several years prior to and following Bible College and Seminary. Annette began hosting women's conferences for approximately six years and writing poetry collections and began self publishing her books and so as a result began Annette Jaco Publishing. She began her typing business at home again in 2014. For manuscript, publishing and editing services, email: for a quote.

Annette Jaco Publishing and Manuscript Editing Services
We take pride in our publishing and the company that we work with to provide authors with a fast and effective way to put their works into a book.
If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

Font Interior of Book/ Title of Book/ How many copies:

Contact Us
How many copies of your book would you like? Up to 10.
What do you want to title your book?
Interior: Black & White 
or Color

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

Choose from the simplicity package or the complex package. Simplicity package is total publishing price of $399 with 4 free books. Complex package is more professional cover of $597 and 10 free books.

Product description
Publishing packages consist of typing/manuscript service, font design, formatting, and cover for both packages/one simple style and the other more complex and professional.

Channels: Amazon, Word blog and Free copies.
Typing, Editing, Design Format
​Call for fees...

Manuscript, Publishing and Resume writer...
Annette Jaco Publishing and Manuscript Editing Services

AJ-Revolution/Jewelry By Annette
Stand out one of a kind inspirational jewelry
unique, sophisticated and revolutionary​.

Jewelry by Annette 

AJ Revolution Stand Out One Of A Kind Jewelry by Annette
"Natural Beauty"

Jewelry Ensemble, Matching, scarfs, bags and your favorite outfit deserves a finishing touch! Wear a one of a kind design!
Bracelets, Necklaces, Ankle Bracelets, Earrings and sets.
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Jewelry for women and girls! Chain bracelets and earrings, beaded bracelets and earrings.
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 Read, Beautiful On The Outside and on the Inside on Amazon
1. No emotional bondage.
2. No negative outlook.
3. No conforming to the status quo.​

A Complete Change In You-AJ Revolution
Spiritual Wholeness/Change
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL: Spiritual Freedom is being beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

Freedom is a beauty within us. 
We feel unrestrained and able to soar. Freedom from control and bondage and from emotional, physical or verbal restrictions. Freedom is being able to excel and not to be constricted by another person's evaluation of you or their negative words or label of you. Freedom is loving your spiritual nature, allowing yourself to grow and allowing the Comforter in so that He lives inside of you. Freedom is liberation from the flesh and connecting with the Spirit. Freedom is being beautiful on the outside but more importantly on the inside, in your temple. Who's temple are ye? Will you allow your Father to use you for His purpose?

Positive Outlook for Girls
1. Believe in Yourself
2. Believe In Your Dreams Connected To God
3. Never Give Up
4. Stay Strong and Think Positive No Matter What
5. Cast Down Any Negative Thoughts or Words
6. Remember Bad Things Happen But Pick Yourself Up-Times Will Get Better
7. You Do Not Have To Follow Fads
8. Be A Leader
9. Listen To Your Parents-They Want The Best For You
10. Have Reasonable Goals And Make Them Happen But Keep God First
11. It's Not All About The Outside Appearance-Inside Beauty Is A Gem
12. Walk In Love
13. No Bullying Others-Do Not Accept Bullying Either
13. Keep Friends Who Are Positive And Not All About Following What Others Do
14. Be Unique
15. Help Others Out
16. Do Your Work-It's Building Up Discipline
17. Pray
18. Be Happy About Going To Church-It's A Cool Place and You Have To Build Character There
19. Praise God Daily
20. Be Open To Change In Music Genre-Listen To Music That Is Positive
21. Take Care Of Your Body-No Nasty Substances
22. Give Others Compliments In A Good Way
23. Be Kind
24. Be Caring
25. Show Genuine Love
26. Respect Authority Especially Parents
27. Be Good Daily-Do What Is Right In All Situations
​28. Be Wise About Social Media/Use It For Encouraging Others-Do Not Waste Too Much Time On It-There Are Way More Things To Be Done And To Build Your Life Upon
​29. It's ultimately up to you what you decide to do with your future, don't blame others.
30. Reaching your goals takes years, keep working on them.
31. Have a plan for your future but keep in mind that you must pray and keep God in your decisions.
32. Keep in mind that every day is not going to be easy and that some days you won't be able to see your dreams coming to fruition quite the way that you believe but remember it's going to come to pass.

​Fresh Water: Life After Domestic Violence And The Anointed Life In You

Get your copy of the book: 
These beautiful and powerful uplifting poems will inspire you to believe in yourself and not to let anyone take you for granted.

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE YOU CAN BE FREE: Bird on the cover symbolizes freedom to soar...

20 ways to walk in beauty...
1. Put your Creator first.
2. Pray for yourself and others.
3. Worship your Creator daily.
4. Love others in action and words.
5. Ask God what is your unique purpose.
6. Work on your gifts.
7. Take care of yourself for health sake.
8. Be kind every day even when there are trials.
9. Have a consistent goal to work on daily.
10. Remember to keep working and never give up.
11. Speak positive no matter how hard your day is.
12. Cast away negative thoughts constantly.
13. Respect others and when you mess up apologize.
14. Know your worth but don't walk in pride.
15. Dedicate your time to helping others often.
16. Believe in yourself but more in the God who wakes you up.
17. Be sensitive to what others go through.
18. When life is tough get tougher. 
19. Be kind to your enemies even if you can't forget what they have done to you. 
20. Pray to forgive others and just keep praying daily.

Everyone deserves to have civil rights.
​I HAVE A DREAM-Martin Luther King Jr.
What does our civil rights leaders say about living out your dreams?​
Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Daisy Bates, Ella Baker
Coretta Scott King, Mahalia Jackson, Dorothy Cotton, Medgar Evers

Annette's Itinerary
The Poet, Poetry Recitals and Events
Upcoming Events: Stay connected for Annette's upcoming book-signings
​Book Signings, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Amazon books
Kindle books, Jewelry Sales at events: Free book promotions on Kindle-purchase your copy today!

November 2016
"Songs & Whispers"Inspirational Poetry Collection-Central Library Lake Charles La.
"A Song From Eden" Inspirational Poetry Collection-Central Library Lake Charles La.
Fresh Water: Life After Domestic Violence And The Anointed Life In You- Poetry-Lake Charles La. Central Library
"Beautiful Mother's Day Poetry: Celebrating Moms-Lake Charles La. Central Library
Beautiful Poetry For Women: Jewel In The Hand Of God-Central Library Lake Charles La.
Beautiful Reflections: A Gift Of Poetry-Central Library Lake Charles La.
September 2009
Songs & Whispers Inspirational Poetry-Barnes & Noble-Lafayette La.

Book Marketing:
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lafayette La. Library, Bookstores Lafayette La., 
Lake Charles La. Authors of the Bayou, Mississippi, Umoja Books, 
Alexander Used Books, Louisiana, Texas, Xlibris, Online Blogs
Twitter, Linkedin, Googleplus, Online book clubs, Goodreads​, J-Breaux's
Spirit Of L., New Beginnings in Christ C., ​Latonya Davis Poetic Recitals
Bayou Writer's Group LC La., Lafayette La. Library, Lake Charles Central Library

Current Online Itinerary: Bible Studies

Authors Networking 
at Events of Annette Jaco Ministries
Dwan Reed, Kim Bady, Karen Mayer Cunningham, Theresa Shelvin, Latonya West Davis, Tina Shelton
Pearl Holmes,Patricia Mackenzie, Shamarion Whitaker, Brenda Pearson, Joan Murray

A New Song Ministries Events: 43 +
June 2013-Prayer Meeting Benefit for Minister-Port Arthur Texas Library Conference Room
October 2012-Divine Beauty Conference/Girl's Fashion Show-Greater Nation Church Port Arthur Texas
May 2012-A New Song Ministries taught Home Bible Study Ms. Jermaine-Port Arthur Texas​
April 2012-Chosen Vessel Christian Writer's Conference-Beaumont Texas Best Western Hotel
March 2012-Women's Unity Conference Prayer Meeting-Port Arthur Texas-Legacy Apartments
​February 2012-Bible Study-Port Arthur, Texas-Legacy Senior Apartments
January 2012-Stand You Are Beautiful Women's Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
September 2011-Home Bible Study-Port Arthur Texas
September 2011-Our Cities For God Meeting-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
July 2011-Ladies of Lydia It's In Your Heart Women and Men's Conference-Beaumont Texas Plaza
April 2011-Guest Product Table-Joan Murray Ministries Church-Houston Texas
​April 2011-Girl's Morning Seminar Building Character-Port A. Texas Hampton
April 2011-Ladies Shake That Thing Off Women's Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
February 2011-Girl's Educational Seminar-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
December 2010-Products Table at Tina Shelton event-Beaumont Texas
December 2010-Stand & Receive Your Crown Queens & Princesses-Port A. Texas Hampton
December 2010-Annette Jaco Ministries Children's Story-time Reading-Port A. Texas Library
November 2010-Speaker at Women Shelter's (handed out free material)-Beaumont Texas 
November 2010-Women In Ministry Seminar, Stand Up For Yourself-Port A. Texas Hampton
November 2010-Children's Talent Show-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
October 2010-Book Club Meeting w/author-McAlister's-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
October 2010-Teen and Young Girl's Style Show-Port A. Texas Hampton
September 2010-Home Prayer for Health-Port Arthur Texas
August 2010-Morning Psalms Prayer Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
August 2010-Ladies of Lydia Women's Conference-Port A. Texas Hampton
May 2010-One Vision, One Mission, One Purpose Conference and Women's Fashion Show-Port A. Tx. Hampton
May 2010-Home Bible Study-Port Arthur Texas
April 2010-Let Our Hearts Be Glad Women's Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton 
March 2010-I Have Power Over Unclean Spirits Conference-Port Arthur Texas Hampton
November 2009-Stand In Your Higher Calling Conference-Port Arthur Texas Holiday Inn
August 2009-Fashion Your Heavenly Esteem-Conference and Fashion Show-Lafayette La. Hilton
February 2009-Book-signing/Songs & Whispers-Barnes & Noble Lafayette, La. 
November 2008-Ladies of Lydia Girl's Fashion Show-Laf. La. Holidome
October 2008-Exhortations at Church Without Walls-Lafayette La.
May 2008-Praising the Lord in Fine Linen-Lafayette, La. Holidome
March 2008-Refusing To Settle for the Ungodly Matters Conference (handed out free books)-Laf. La-Clifton Chenier Center
November 2007-A Place of Fellowship for Sisters in Christ Christian Book Club Conference-Lafayette La. Holidome
2006-Member of Good Hope Choir -Laf. La.
2004-2005 Sang with Truth Faith Choir-Cecilia La.
October-December 2005-Guest Worship Leader at New Beginnings In Christ Church-Laf. La.
October 2005-Annette ministered in song w/True Faith Choir Gospel Fest-Cecilia La.
June 2005-Annette Worshiped in Song w/True Faith Church at Cunningham C.M.E. Rayne La.
December 2004-A New Song Ministries Christmas Program-New Beginnings Lafayette, La.
October 2004-Scripture Reading at True Faith Church-Cecilia, La.

Annette Journet Jaco

Annette designs beautiful hand made beaded jewelry. Look at some of her pieces of jewelry at Google+, Pinterest, and on her blogs and website.
Prayers for women: www.beautifuland
AJ Revolution Stand Out Jewelry By Annette
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Stand Out One Of A Kind Jewelry By Annette
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Beautiful on the Outside and 
on the Inside, 
A Woman's Inner Confidence,
Women are Beautiful & Precious Jewels

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