ANNETTE JOURNET JACO, Inspirational Freelance Writer, Author, Evangelist, Conference Host, Entrepreneur, and Mother, is the host of an on-line Bible studies entitled-Jesus-Is-The-Light Bible Studies with Annette Journet Jaco.  The Bible Studies is very informative and it's a place to have real discussions on topical Bible lessons and pertaining to how the light of Jesus can shine in dark places in your life.  Annette has been a host of women's Christian conferences from 2007-2013. She is a writer of Bible Study Notes provided to interested members of her Bible study to get into a deeper hands-on Bible study material that she provides in her ministry.  She is a Christian Inspirational Author of over 15 books and she connects with readers of her books as she shares her experiences on how the Lord has delivered her from personal dilemmas she had faced as a young mother in her twenties and how His light has shined in her situations time and time again. Coming from a large family Annette being the oldest; she was eager to go on her own and after graduating high school and vocational school and then attending a semester of college she met the father of her two oldest sons but soon she would discover his domineering and extreme control affected her emotionally and mentally. She had to put her college studies on hold in order to work and raise their two sons but his control caused her to leave that relationship after seven years.  Annette spiraled into a whirlwind of happy times and partying but she was not accustomed to that so a year later and in another state she met the father of her two younger children but soon she realized that this relationship would bring her into a battle of horrible verbal and emotional abuse from him.  She turned to the Word of God not knowing that she would find a compassionate love beyond comprehension, as she turned to the book of Psalms and began reading and she felt an amazing light come through her then she returned to her love of writing to escape more pain of single motherhood, financial struggles and losing a child at a year and three months old and a lot of other stuff. As a single mother with young children Annette began a two year course in Christian Counseling at Bible College and a few years later another two year course in Advanced Theology Studies at International Seminary.  After her studies to show herself approved for ministry she founded A New Song Ministries/Annette Jaco Ministries and began hosting inspirational women's conferences. Her message was to minister about the love of God and how He sent His one and only begotten Son to die for us, so that we can receive eternal life. The ministry theme is, "Keep A Song In Your Heart" no matter what situations we face in life: from illnesses to financial struggles, abuse and loneliness, or any trials that we face. She has a passion for women who are single, who face struggles, who are mothers and others who need to know about the love of God because she wants to connect and share his love.  Her mission is that they discover their own purpose, to discover how beautiful they are in Christ and her message to women who have been victims of domestic violence is to learn and practice forgiving others who have caused them pain and to put the pain behind and to press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ and go out in their own ministries to tell their own story of how the Lord has graciously saved them by sending His only begotten Son to die for us all. Visit Annette at:

MORE ABOUT ANNETTE:  Annette is a kind and loving person but for a time in her life this was a crutch. Being kind to everyone was awesome but it took her to some places that she found hard to let go; always thinking of the other person's feelings. Particularly in relationships Annette seemed to meet men who were kind but in both her marriage and long term engagement she seemed to walk into a trap with men who became extremely controlling and abusive. If Annette were to account for the things that she was told and the things that were done to her she would shut down. It was horrific. The name calling, the hair pulling, the extreme pain of never being heard and the in-laws who always blamed her in both of her serious relationships even after one of the incidents turned into a physical attack. She was the victim and her kindness was extreme even to the abuser who she seemed to love; and for a time she hid the abuse until she could no longer take it. Annette cried out to her Father God. She had already left a long 7 year relationship with her fiance and father of her two older sons. As if that were not a burden lifted Annette blindly stepped into a 4 1/2 year relationship with the man who she would find was addicted to substances. Annette became a single woman yet again and met a few other men who seemed to want to control her to the point of leaving her faith. Annette chose to continue to walk alone with the Lord who saved her. She is the author of over 15 Christian inspirational books including inspirational poetry collections-Songs & Whispers, A Song From Eden, and Sing Lover of My Soul. Her other books consist of a memoir of her brother who passed away at a young age, a children's book, a testimonial book about her life and much more. Annette is founder of A New Song Ministries/a women and girl's ministry and she is also a bible teacher and hosts an on-line bible study blog at In her own testimony she writes, "The Patience I Know-Waiting In The Midst of Turmoil-of the pain and mental trauma she faced in two serious relationships. Annette is an advocate against domestic violence which includes emotional abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and verbal abuse. She has heard so many storeis from women she personally knows who faced abuse but who all had different stories. Annette's advice with wisdom is to pray, seek counsel, tell someone, and leave if all else fails without telling the abuser. It is very important for the victim to save the life of herself and her children first. Her books are available at Amazon and many on-line bookstores. She believes that we must all be a strong witness for the cause of Christ by ministering our own unique personal witness in our lives. Most importantly Annette wants to help women to learn to practice forgiveness and to learn how to leave the pain behind and to push toward the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. As a single mother with young children Annette began her studies of Christian Counseling in a two year course in Houston Texas and the International Seminary a few years later in a two year studies in Lafayette La. in advanced Theology studies. After her studies to show herself approved for ministry; she founded A New Song Ministries and began hosting inspirational women's conferences. Her message was to minister about the love of God and how He sent His one and only begotten Son to die for us so that we can receive eternal life. The ministry theme is to "Keep A Song In Your Heart" no matter what situations we face in life; from illnesses to financial struggles, abuse and loneliness or any trials that we face. 

Annette continues to write prayer books, Christian books, newsletters, inspiring articles and poetry. Annette has been a member of several church choirs, has spoken exhortation in church, recited poetry, and sang solo worship. She has recited poetry as a guest speaker for spoken word poetic recitals. You can blog with Annette at many of her blogs;; and much more at blog, blogger and wordpress. Check out Annette on Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Annette was drawn to the book of Psalms one day as she had been praying to the Lord and had given her life to Christ, when she felt an amazing light come through her. A short time later she had been called out of an abusive relationship. Annette began to return to her love for writing poetry and she excitedly centered her writing on her life experiences and how the Lord called her out of abuse, she writes about losing a child and about the love of God through Christian writings and inspiring poetry. Annette continued to mother her children as a single mother, further her education, took care of her terminally ill baby until he passed, supported her other 4 children and after Bible College and Seminary she began to step out on her ministries. She wrote her first book in 2007 and began to host conferences and give out free Christian children's books to kids in attendance.   You can read inspiring articles by Annette on her personal website. In addition to Christian education Annette has taken on-line writing courses, has a degree of clerical secretary, has completed nurse assistant school and a few years of secular college, and has taught herself basic piano.  She has written a play entitled, "Stand You Are Beautiful" a domestic violence story.  Annette's poems has also appeared in poetry anthologies.  She has hosted many women's conferences, girl's events including fashion shows, Christian writers meetings and luncheons. Stay in touch with Annette for an upcoming project coming to You-Tube.

Annette is working on a project that is close to her heart entitled, "Sisters In The Community Project" to assist women in domestic violence situations and other women in need when funds are available-the project has been a helping hand to 4 women and has donated to several women's ministries thus far. Annette is also a self publisher and writer of 3 newsletters, "Woman To Woman" featuring inspirational stories of women, "Jordan' s Letter"-featuring miracle and inspirational stories of children and "Sing In The Midst Of Trials" Good News Letter-with a theme to praise God and keep a song in your heart, TORI-The Obstacles Realizing Inspiration where Annette features inspirational poetry on blogs, and Christians Writer's Networking. Newsletters are printed in the months of May, August and November and sent to interested recipients.  Email: for your personal copy.  Annette's hobby is reading and designing jewelry.  Annette is currently working on an on-line book club and an on-line prayer and poetry conference entitled, Beautiful and Precious Jewels-conference for daily encouragement.


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Annette has hosted women's conferences, girl's events, luncheons, Bible studies, fashion shows, book clubs and Christian writer's conferences from 2007-2013.  She is currently hosting an on-line Bible studies and is a Christian blogger of several blogging sites. Annette is currently working on a Christian project that will appear on You-Tube and continues to write inspirational articles, newsletters and books.




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