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Annette Journet Jaco/FREELANCE WRITER/POET/JEWELRY DESIGNER/SPEAKER reaches out to many throughout the world on her blogs and as an author and poet inspires women to feel beautiful on the outside and on the inside.  Annette's poetry and writings empowers women and girls to be unique and confident as they seek for their own purpose in life. She has written and published more than 40 inspirational books. Her hope for other women is that they face their challenges, grow throughout their trials and stand strong through adversities. She writes personal testimonies about how God has made her stronger and delivered her from emotional bondage. Her poetry and other writings pulls in the reader to really dig deep within herself. Annette has spoken on many occasions at women's events and as a domestic violence speaker at a women's shelter.  Her writings and her poems speak volumes as she praises God for His awesome Greatness and for His grace and Annette instills much of her writings and experiences into her speaking. Annette is a very motivated writer and it is her passion. She is an award winning poet who has been presented Editors Choice Award in 1997 and 2006, for her poems, "The Love Behind Sick Feelings" and "Wicked Shadows" of which poems were published in several anthologies. She believes that no award is too big or too small and she's received rave reviews as Louisiana's favorite Christian poet among her many circles.  Annette is a blogger with several blogging sites, particularly focusing on an online Bible Studies, has worked as a freelance editor in her own home based business, and has edited the manuscripts of many authors in the Houston and surrounding areas, has worked as a secretary and is a freelance writer of prayer books, Christian inspirational books, inspiring poetry books, inspirational articles, testimonials, is a publisher of several newsletters, and has founded her own personal ministry entitled A New Song Ministries/Annette Jaco Ministries hosting women's conferences and motivational events and she has recited her poetry as a guest speaker for spoken word poetic recitals. Annette has attended a two year Bible College In Christian Counselor Studies in Houston Texas and a 2 year Advanced Theology Studies at International of Florida Seminary at Lafayette Louisiana, Spirit of Liberty Church. She has hosted women's conferences, girl's events and luncheons in Lafayette Louisiana, Port Arthur Texas and Beaumont Texas and has been a member of various church choirs in Lafayette, Louisiana. Her speaking engagements has been guest speaker at conferences, has spoken exhortation at church, and recited poetry several times in church. She has evangelized in the cities of Rayne La, with True Faith Choir, Cecilia La., and in Lafayette La, Port Arthur Texas, Houston Texas, And Beaumont Texas in her ministry hosting women's conferences.  You can blog with Annette at for her book discussions, articles, get up!, and with Annette Journet Jaco. In addition she has 2 poetry blogs entitled annettejaco.livejournal and Annette is also an advocate against domestic violence and she has written her own personal and emotional life testimony entitled, "The Patience I Know:Waiting In The Midst Of Turmoil". Annette also had a love for singing and poetry since high school and has been a member of the chorus for three years. In college she took several voice classes and had several private voice coaches. She is self taught in keyboard after being spirit moved and has a love for the guitar. She has ministered in Rayne La., with True Faith Choir of Cecilia La., was a Good Hope Baptiste Church Choir Member, and sang solo worship at New Beginning In Christ Ministries of Lafayette La. In her book ministry she has been invited by Joan Murray Ministries Conference in Katy Texas and Latonya Davis poetry recitals. She has been affiliated with Brenda Buie Pearson Ministries in ministry, and Carolyn Hayes Ministries/God's Chosen Vessels. She has had authors speak at her writer's conferences and women's events; such as Latonya West Davis, Kim Bady, Karen Mayer Cunningham, Bobbie Kizzee, Theresa Shelvin, Queen Esther Phillips, Shamarian Whitaker, Dwan Reed, Pearl Holmes and many more authors and poets. She has also written a Christian Play concerning domestic violence, entitled "Stand You Are Beautiful". She self publishes her own books with Annette Jaco Publishing and has published two books with Xlibris.  ANNETTE HAS HOSTED WOMEN'S CONFERENCES, GIRL'S EVENTS, LUNCHEONS, BIBLE STUDIES, FASHION SHOWS, BOOK CLUBS AND CHRISTIAN WRITER'S CONFERENCES FROM 2007-2013. HER CURRENT FOCUS IS HOSTING AN ON-LINE BIBLE STUDIES AND OTHER BLOGS. ANNETTE CONTINUES TO WRITE INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLES, NEWSLETTERS AND BOOKS. She loves to share how she was drawn to the book of Psalms one day as she had been praying to the Lord and had given her life to Christ, when she felt an amazing light come through her. A short time later she had been called out of an abusive relationship. Annette began to return to her love for writing poetry and she excitedly centered her writing on her life experiences and how the Lord called her out of abuse, she writes about losing a child and about the love of God through her writings and her poetry. Her desire is to help others so she has started Sisters In The Community Project for women in need of counsel or other help when funds are available-the project has been a helping hand to at least 4 women and several women's ministries. Her Newsletters are: "Woman To Woman" featuring inspirational stories of women, "Jordan' s Letter"-featuring miracle and inspirational stories of children and "Sing In The Midst Of Trials" Good News Letter-with a theme to praise God and keep a song in your heart. Her Blogs motto is: TORI-The Obstacles Realizing Inspiration where Annette features inspirational poetry on blogs, and Christians Writer's Networking where authors, poets, freelance writers, and book lovers take part in our networking on-line. Discussions are writing as a form of release and healing, writing as a form of ministry, writing for children, how to incorporate drama into your Christian writing ministry and the art of Christian poetry writing: on on-line blog. Email: for your personal copy of yearly newsletters. Annette's hobby is reading and designing jewelry. Her jewelry (AJ Revolution) is sold freelance. As a member of Annette's on-line book club you have the privilege of ordering books directly from the author and from her bookstore AT As a member of the book club you have hands on access to Annette's poetry collections at women's conferences and prayer meetings for a discounted price. Membership is free! Once you make your purchase leave a review of your reading experience on Annette's website and on Amazon. Once Annette receives your kind review you will receive one of her books for free per request. Awesome! Email: one review per book per person. Thanks! For prayer log onto Annette's on-line prayer conference entitled, connecting prayer blog for daily encouragement featured as an on-line encouragement tool. Annette believes in the True Living God of the Bible, Annette Believes in Jesus Christ the Son Of God, Annette Believes that He died for the sins of the entire world, Annette believes in purpose, Annette believes in vision, Annette believes in faith and walking in that faith according to the book of James, Annette believes that with God all things are possible, Annette believes that the Word of God is infallable and that Jesus is the only way to get to the Father because He is the truth, the way and the life according to John 14, Annette believes in the Holy Spirit as part of the Father and Son, and that we are to be saved and accept Jesus as our personal Savior. Read other inspirational writings by Annette @ Annette's books are available on Kindle.     BIBLE STUDIES, CHRISTIAN COUNSELING, ONLINE CHRISTIAN BOOK CLUB, BLOGS, INSPIRATIONAL ARTICLES, WRITER'S NETWORKING, POETRY RECITALS, SISTERS IN THE COMMUNITY PROJECT, WOMAN TO WOMAN NEWSLETTER, JORDAN'S LETTER, SING IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS GOOD NEWS LETTER, POETRY BOOKS, BEAUTIFUL & PRECIOUS JEWELS PRAYER BLOG, SELF HELP BOOKS, ENCOURAGING BOOKLETS, TESTIMONY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ANNETTE JACO PUBLISHING, AJREVOLUTION JEWELRY,PAMPHLETS AND MINISTRY LITERATURE WRITTEN BY ANNETTE JACO/ANNETTE JACO INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES.      Google Plus Follow Annette on Google+    and-   Google Plus other page:
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